Granito colours

Cement reinforced with marble or glass chips

  • Fond light + dark stone COL: G74 COL: G76 COL: G72 COL: G68 COL: G73

    Traditional and neutral colours

  • Fond dark + cream stone COL: G67 COL: G66 COL: G79 COL: G78 COL: G84 COL: G82 COL: G83 COL: G64 COL: G22 COL: G65 COL: G81 COL: G24 COL: G68 COL: G69 COL: G71

    Coloured cement background with white marble chips

  • Pastel colours COL: G85 COL: G63 COL: G80 COL: G77 COL: G70

    Pastel Granito tones

  • Pattern classic COL: G27 COL: G29 COL: G50 COL: G30 COL: G52 COL: G55 COL: G04 COL: G41 COL: G09 COL: G05 COL: G40 COL: G54 COL: G62 COL: G61 COL: G16 COL: G49 COL: G48 COL: G28 COL: G46 COL: G47 COL: G18 COL: G56 COL: G33 COL: G42 COL: G51 COL: G39 COL: G45

    Classic Granito colour range

Traditional tones and new “pop” colours for a bright and washed out finish. Personalised patterns and designs as well as plain granito tiles in any shape.